Dangerously low margins and fierce competition: Retail is a constantly evolving sector, and enterprises must continue to come up with new strategies and tools to maintain a competitive edge.

The top priority of all retail enterprises, from the smallest local shop to the biggest large-scale retailer, must be preventing waste: of time, energy, resources, data. To do this, it is essential to rely on vertical solutions leaving behind the defects and criticalities of individual tools and integrating all aspects of management – of the different aspects of the enterprise and different points of sale, where applicable – in a single information system.

This is where TCPOS comes into play: a centralised, modular management infrastructure for retail, valuable for back end, front endand centralised CMS operations.

Retail Management Software: Starting at the Back End

Managing a network of points of sale means daily fulfilment of customers’ orders, as well as those of suppliers, taking into account freight bills, delivery notes and electronic invoicing. Some companies also have to manage aspects of manufacturing, from production plans onwards, and everyone needs to take care of logistics, from warehouse management to shipping and packing.

TCPOS allows you to rely on a modular infrastructure to address, control and optimise all of these processes, as well as administration (from accounting to financial statements) and store management (both physical stores and e-commerce).

The Front End Features of Store Management Software

Nowadays, every retail business in the world must consider, and often undertake, multichannel sales. Being able to rely on a centralised solution such as TCPOS, capable of supporting the different sales activities, is of fundamental importance, taking care of everything from the POS to self-ordering kiosks and from online sales to apps. TCPOS can manage:

  • Centralised master data
  • Visibility criteria
  • Special rates
  • Promotions
  • Reporting and Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Operator Activities

Additional business intelligence, ERP and PMS solutions can also be integrated.

TCPOS: a Customised Digital Platform for Retail

Orders placed via app, delivery, take-out and drive-thru are all methods of sale that used to be rare but have now come to be normal services, often taken for granted. It has become essential to rely on a digital solution supporting each of these services, as well as the management of loyalty programs, coupons, promotions and customer management.

Flexible, customisable and user-friendly, TCPOS offers a wide range of omni-functional solutions for effective management of orders, in-store, via e-commerce and apps, with all the advantages of the cloud.

With the ultimate goal of being able to communicate with customers, through CRM and related automated marketing features, based on users’ behaviours, habits, tastes, even birthdays and anniversaries!