A loyal customer is a customer who continues to make purchases from a company, who is not tempted by offers from competitors, and who therefore guarantees constant, regular revenue, without the need for continuously investing in new, expensive advertising campaigns.

This is why creating customer loyalty is essential for companies of all sizes in all sectors. We must therefore go beyond the time of purchase with a marketing strategy, focusing a part of the company’s energy on post-sales interaction, in order to cultivate solid, virtuous relations with the customer, obtaining their trust and appreciation.

Customer loyalty, therefore, will reduce the number of defections to a minimum, increase the number of returns and thus maintain the highest possible number of customers. How can we create customer loyalty effectively? There are several techniques, but all start by adopting a good CRM, used to set up a customer loyalty creation strategy, based on real, updated data.

Creating customer loyalty by using CRM software: what to do
There can be no doubt: creating customer loyalty travels through the recording data on their behavior, needs and requirements. Only by knowing your customers thoroughly is it in fact possible to optimize your own commercial offers, offering bespoke solutions that the customer could not find elsewhere. We therefore understand that customer loyalty must first pass through strict Customer Relationship Management planning.

CRM software allows you to have a customer’s full story and all the information about their relationship with the brand on just one page: just by looking, therefore, it is possible to discover the customer’s entire history, from his first contact with the company. Data collected in this way can be shared among the various departments, to improve production and post-sales services. Customer loyalty is vital in this latter area, in fact, as high-level post-sales service is required that can solve all the various issues that customer may have to face.

Being able to count on good CRM software, therefore, it is possible to satisfy all customer needs in a proactive, precise manner, thanks to being able to correctly interpret the data available – which come from analyzing various channels. Of course, customer loyalty is a continuous activity that requires long-term care and that can never be neglected.

The return on this small investment however, in the mid-long term, is a sure one: why carry on spending almost all your own budget to acquire new customers, when a lower cost (20 times lower in fact) makes it possible to use the best tools for past customer retention, who have already made their choice?