The pandemic has significantly changed the way we work. Changes that were previously latent, and which would probably have taken years to complete, have quickly, and sometimes traumatically, taken place in recent months. Some business areas, it must be said, have been hit the hardest. In the case of Human Resources management, for example, a real revolution has occurred, starting from the widespread and sudden diffusion of remote working, to arrive at the current needs in terms of safety. In this unprecedented and unpredictable scenario, among those who have found themselves most faced with a completely new world are the HR and Safety Managers, who have been called to rethink most of their activities since March. We must not forget that what is “new” today will in most cases become the norm for the next few years. It would be best, therefore, to equip oneself with all the choice tools and skills necessary to be able to most appropriately manage these new processes.

HR management and corporate safety: the new needs

There are many and various changes that HR and Safety Managers are called to face. For example, these include the new needs related to the management of workspaces, the new criteria to be taken into consideration to organize shifts, the new rules to guarantee safety within the company and needs in terms of traceability. Measuring the temperature of the people who enter the company spaces, carefully managing access control, ensuring constant distancing between workers, setting up an effective internal communication system, laying the foundations to build what will become new habits in the company: these are just some of the main activities that the containment of the contagion has made essential.

An important opportunity to improve the employee experience

We must never forget that the evolutions within the HR area must not only concern corporate objectives: it is also necessary to take into account the well-being of the employees, especially now that work methods are changing quickly. The reason is simple: employees with a positive experience tend to produce more, to team up, to reduce the turnover rate and so on. Investing in the optimization of the employee experience, in fact, means working to improve the customer experience. Hence, now that the health emergency has made a revolution in HR management necessary, it is essential to intelligently exploit the opportunity, taking employee needs into account.

A support to better face the HR Work Revolution

To tackle this revolution, HR and safety managers need to demonstrate commitment and courage. But that’s not enough: the right skills, as well as the best tools are also required. Zucchetti has decided to support companies with more than just digital solutions to optimize personnel management and safety for this reason. To learn more, download the free white paper