Digitalization can be the difference between life and death for any type of economic activity – the first half of 2020 is concrete proof of this. Starting from this assumption, we cannot count the companies that, spurred on by the health crisis, found themselves quickly facing the same process of technological innovation that, in the previous period, had been undertaken at a much slower pace. There is no doubt, however, that in recent months smart working and the cloud have allowed thousands upon thousands of companies – both big and small – to continue to operate despite the lockdown and other extraordinary measures, in Italy and abroad. 

The cloud, remote working and digital transformation: these terms have taken on a new central role and have become part of our everyday language, not only at large companies, but also at smaller manufacturing firms, which up until very recently were somewhat lacking in terms of technological innovation. We have come to realize that smart working – far from constituting the simple physical shift of employees from the office to the tables of their homes – provides great advantages, including improved productivity and reduced costs, but at the same time requires special tools and careful planning. Alongside this surge in agile working, there has also been a significant increase in interest in the cloud – a “cloud” that represents a new horizon for companies in all sectors, especially now that company set-ups must become more adaptive and secure. We are no strangers to the advantages of the cloud: this system allows for a fast, reliable and flexible exchange of data with other security provisions, with falling costs and without physical constraints of any kind.

To cater to customer requests and the latest developments in the corporate sphere, Zucchetti has developed a new cloud to make company management – regardless of the size of the business – both more efficient and secure. Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at what this means.

Cloud management software without compromise:  Mago Cloud

Developed for a cloud-based scenario, Mago Cloud is a new-generation ERP management software that can operate on both public and private clouds. Once again, we are talking about a highly scalable solution for small and medium businesses, following in the footsteps of what has been the on-premise managerial Wizard for thousands of companies. Able to meet the unique and specific needs of more than 60 product sectors, from retail to manufacturing, Mago Cloud is available in four different versions – standard, premium, professional and enterprise – to offer all the various management features that you need in any place, at any time.