Resist the impact of the economic crisis following the health crisis, adapt to new and rapidly changing scenarios and move in the right way to return to pre-lockdown values. It will not be easy: it will be necessary to work on reviewing processes and interpreting new business phenomena, as well as outlining new economic and organizational structures. Companies of any size and in the most diverse sectors are faced with a completely unexplored scenario, whose peculiar characteristics it is currently impossible to foresee. Undoubtedly, during the lengthy recovery that companies will have to face, data analysis and business intelligence tools will play a key role in supporting management: only through the use of these software solutions will it be possible to achieve objectivity and the decision-making capacity to make the best choices.

Objective analysis of the data to restart

After all, the 2008 crisis taught us many lessons, starting from the fact that those at the helm of a company, whether small or large, are called upon to anticipate and foresee the future as far as possible: in this sense, having the right tools to collect, transform and interpret all the available data is essential. It is not surprising that so many companies are concentrating on today, on a situation in which the turnover of many different industries is rapidly shrinking; however, it should be underlined that there is also much uncertainty about tomorrow, especially because of the close interconnection between industries, another lesson highlighted by the previous economic crisis. Abandoning personal interpretations and being able to rely on exact, objective and clear data is therefore more important than ever, now that the decision-making processes of each individual company are in danger of becoming more complex, in many ways, day by day. It is therefore worth briefly mentioning the main advantages and central functions of business intelligence and data analysis software, platforms capable of transforming raw numbers into valuable competitive advantages.

The business intelligence tools to address and overcome the crisis

The medium and long-term impact of the current health crisis is unknown. That is something we all have in common. However, the best equipped companies from the business intelligence point of view can shed more light on today and tomorrow, thanks to the organization of the data present in the various corporate systems and databases, in order to have the necessary fuel to answer the crucial questions posed by management. Zucchetti’s analysis and business intelligence systems, by virtue of their integration with other corporate software – such as CRM, ERP and so on – can retrieve data from any area of the company, in order to be able to count on a single tool that includes query, analysis and reporting functionalities: the decision-making process, besides becoming concretely more effective, thus becomes even faster, without moreover depending on intermediaries for data interpretation. The best business intelligence solutions, in fact, are those that do not require special IT or data analysis skills: intuitive reports and graphical representations are always able to provided clear and immediate answers as the basis for deciding the next steps of the company.