The time to restart has finally arrived. But this restart must be done safely, with a whole series of measures to safeguard the health of people in the company and contain the Covid-19 infection. We are therefore talking about masks, sanitizers, security distancing, rethinking spaces inside company premises and an access control specifically designed to keep the virus outside the workplace. As explained by the Ministry of Health, in fact, access to companies is forbidden to anyone – staff and others – who has had contact with people testing positive to Covid-19 in the last 14 days, as well as to all people with a temperature above 37.5°C. And in order to check the temperature of people entering, companies are required to implement the appropriate entry procedures: the most effective solution consists of Covid-19 access control systems, integrated with devices for body temperature detection

Access and temperature control: the integrated Zucchetti solution

How is it possible to establish effective and secure access and temperature control in companies, especially those with a large influx of people? Zucchetti offers an integrated solution, consisting of the best access control systems and thermal cameras, able to automatically and quickly detect the body temperature of people entering the company. This system monitors entry in the company by means of an innovative algorithm able to recognize human shapes, excluding any other source of heat (to eliminate possible false alarms at the origin) and allows entry only of people with a body temperature below a predefined limit (for example 37.5 degrees centigrade). In this way, therefore, it will be possible to effectively monitor access to the company, even in the presence of a significant flow of people, avoiding any form of physical contact.

It should also be emphasized that the proposed access and body temperature control system operates in full compliance with the privacy of workers and other people: the data collected by access control systems based on artificial intelligence, in fact, is not stored in the system because it is only used to open the entrance.

The usage contexts of access and body temperature control detection devices

The integrated access control system to contain Covid-19 infection developed by Zucchetti is designed for public places, construction sites and hospitals, and therefore for all structures that need continuous access monitoring. Specifically, the access control software is integrated with a camera, i.e. an intelligent entrance. The latter can be of two different types; free-flow (with a alarm that allows or prohibits transit) or with physical barriers, which physically close the entrance in the event of a temperature above the safety limit. In all cases, when the temperature detected by the camera is high, the operator intervenes to manage the anomaly.

Zucchetti’s solutions have always aimed to be an added value for companies: in this case, through the integration of its renowned access control systems with temperature detection devices, Zucchetti provides companies with the possibility to work in safely, in order to better address the restart following the Coronavirus emergency.