In Italy, 95% of companies are micro enterprises, and therefore entrepreneurial activities with less than 10 employees. These companies employ over 7.5 million citizens, i.e. 44.5% of the total. All these companies – both those that continued to work in smart working during the Covid-19 emergency and those that are slowly becoming operational again – are having to address a profoundly changed work environment. In fact, an increasing number of people are working remotely and on the move, with smart working which, from a practice mainly implemented by medium and large companies, has become an indispensable methodology also for micro-enterprises. It is not surprising, however, that, precisely as a result of the introduction of smart working, a lot of largely new requirements are emerging, especially for smaller companies: for example, business management applications, such as time and attendance apps and those for calculating working hours. Even in this particular period, it is not possible to forget that in May 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union made it mandatory for all employers to adopt a system for accurately measuring daily working time. And while Member States are called upon to implement this new rule, companies must adopt the necessary tools to record attendance, on the assumption, moreover, that a good attendance app provides many advantages for both the company as well as workers.

Fluida, the HR Management App

for Micro Enterprises

There is no doubt about it: traditional time and attendance systems had already started to show serious shortcomings for a number of years now, also for micro enterprises. Today, with the decisive and irreversible advance of smart working, adopting a modern app for managing attendance and calculating working hours has become an essential priority and can no longer be postponed: companies need to be able to manage clocking in and out, absences, vacations and sick notes quickly and easily, also and especially when there are people working remotely. Fluida, one of the first mobile solutions for HR management dedicated to micro enterprises, responds to this need. As Luca Stella, HR BU Innovation Manager at Zucchetti, explains, it is “an innovative system created natively on mobile devices that allows direct involvement of the individual employee, with the aim of computerizing processes and introducing a ‘social enterprise’ style for attendance management in companies with few employees”.

5 Good Reasons to digitize

HR Management

There are many good reasons to digitize the main HR management processes with Fluida: we have chosen five of them.

  1. The most suitable attendance detection system, always: with or without a badge, with the smartphone, on site or remotely, in every situation it is possible to clock in and out in the most practical and fastest way;
  • No more paper sheets and Excel files: there are micro businesses that still rely on Excel sheets or even paper documents for attendance management. With the Fluida HR management app, you can automate, speed up and make this activity secure;
  • Reduce costs: being able to count on an attendance detection app means saving time and money, simplifying and minimizing time and resources for reporting and supervising hours worked;
  • Automatic communication to the accountant: the HR management app automatically communicates everything required by the accountant’s or consultant’s payroll processing software, reducing costs and eliminating errors typical of manual data entry;
  • Real-time update: at any time, the employer and employees can access data updated in real time on attendance, absences and vacations.