The last two years have been exceptionally tough for gym operators, a form of activity that – more so than others – has been hit hard by the health emergency.

After many months of closures, fitness centres were finally able to re-open at the end of May, despite having to comply with strict health regulations so as to minimise the possibility of contagion. It should also be emphasised that, as of August, the booking of equipment alone is no longer sufficient: to enter the gym, as is the case for restaurants, museums and cinemas, a Green Pass is now also required.

In view of the checks necessary to ensure the health of customers and compliance with the rules, it has become increasingly important for gyms to be able to rely on specific apps and software for the management of sports centres, such as fitness centres and swimming pools.

The current rules for gyms

The mandatory Green Pass for all customers is just the most recent of the exceptional obligations for gyms dictated by those managing the health emergency. Sports centres must in fact ensure the prevention of gatherings and the use of face masks when moving between one location and the next, as well as the tracking of access to the facilities through the appropriate technological solutions via web applications or apps for mobile devices.

Hence, sports centres have been called upon to organise themselves with dynamic solutions for the advanced booking of equipment and courses, so as to be able to guarantee a controlled number of members and always be able to ensure sufficient social distancing, in relation to the size of the structure.

To this end, it should be emphasised that technological solutions or apps for mobile devices are not mandatory for sports facilities with a maximum capacity of less than 50 people; nevertheless, even these smaller structures are obliged to keep an up-to-date register of those entering the premises. Faced with these rules, the growing digitalisation of gyms comes as no surprise.

Discover the digital solutions for gyms and sports centres

The growing digitalisation of gyms

The acceleration of the digitalisation of sports centres, gyms and swimming pools had already begun well before the new measures were adopted in May.

If a race towards the most modern management systems had already begun in the period preceding the pandemic, then the big leap took place between 2020 and 2021.

This is demonstrated by a study conducted by the International Fitness Observatory (IFO), which tells us that 55.6% of sports centres have introduced an app to manage appointments and workouts during the health emergency. In 83.5% of cases, the application was used right away to render booking activities easier and faster, while the solution most appreciated by the various centres is the integration of the mobile app with the gym or swimming pool’s management software.

Why an app for gyms is now an indispensable tool

To be able to choose the desired lesson from all those offered by the sports centre, view the details of the course and select the equipment, all from home or work – at any time – without having to take a trip to reception and without having to make a phone call.

Gym apps are exceptionally useful for both customers and fitness centres alike.

The fitness centre, for its part, will – at any given moment – be able to check the number of participants, verify their traceability and organise activities so as to avoid crowds, etc. It must also be said that the offering of an app means opening a valuable communication and loyalty channel for members, to further stimulate their interest with ad-hoc messages and offers.