As is well known, the Coronavirus emergency has led to the closure of all activities considered non-essential. A tough, very tough measure, which in many cases will have a major impact on the activities involved.

Yet, as experts point out, this is the most effective way to curb contagion. Among the activities declared non-strategic, there are also those in the fitness and wellness sector: gyms, swimming pools, sports and leisure centers have therefore had to close their doors and suspend services, for a period.

Faced with such a situation, in order to minimize the impact of forced closure on the company’s economic performance, it is essential to react pro-actively, finding a solution that, on the one hand, can keep the contact with its customers alive and solid and, on the other, allows the company to continue to offer its services, albeit under quarantine.

A few years ago, thinking of such a solution would have been simply impossible. Today, however, it is also possible overcome the obstacle of quarantine, thanks to tools designed specifically for the fitness world. And this is exactly what Sportrick, a Zucchetti group company, has done, developing an integration that allows fitness, wellness and recreational centers to broadcast training online, in live streaming – and in complete safety.

Sportrick, the cloud-based accounting solution for fitness centers, gyms and swimming pools

From access control to e-commerce and CRM management: Sportrick is a complete cloud-based accounting solution designed specifically for sports centers. It is a software solution for sports centers, launched on the market in 2012, which has since gained the trust of a large part of the market. In fact, the platform has over 3 million active users, 30 thousand daily transactions and an average of 55 thousand accesses per hour. Effective both for small independent sports centers and for the big chains in the fitness world, Sportrick has become a valuable ally of large sports facilities as well as small sports schools. Thanks to this cloud accounting solution for fitness centers, you can have all the necessary tools to conduct and develop a flourishing activity, in a simple and intuitive manner.

Live streaming workouts: gyms also active during the Coronavirus emergency

For years, therefore, Sportrick has been working alongside fitness and leisure centers, learning about their goals and needs. And precisely for this reason, at the very moment when the lockdown was declared, Sportrick developed and implemented a sprinter-style integration that allows its customers to offer a continuous service, in full compliance with health-protection measures.

Everything is based on the possibility, for customers who are members of gyms, fitness centers and recreational centers, to connect to the Web app of their club, in order to remotely access the lessons normally attended in the gym, thanks to live  streaming. And to ensure maximum security, access to the lessons is allowed only for customers registered with the service and who have a valid medical certificate.

The advantages of such a solution are many: the activity of the sports company can continue, despite the current emergency, part of the employees can continue to work and customers can maintain a continuous relationship with the club. We must also not forget how essential it is, for all people forced into quarantine, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, continuing to exercise and maintaining regular social contacts, even if at a distance; and it is precisely this that the tool developed by Sportrick allows – in complete safety.