Smart working employees, employees without a fixed workstation, those on business trips, shift workers and salespeople who spend most of their time outside the company’s premises.

Companies have always had to deal with workers who, for a variety of reasons, are temporarily or permanently at work. Today, by virtue of the characteristic advantages of agile work, the need to be able to collaborate effectively with employees working remotely, to keep them updated and to make them feel involved has, however, increased exponentially, making the use of mobile technologies essential.

In recent years, the mobile app has also become central also outside the corporate world: the percentage of people (especially young people) who reduce or eliminate desktop use is constantly increasing. According to a study by comScore, 65% of the time spent online in Italy is related to the use of mobile devices. Moreover, 88.9% of smartphone and tablet usage time is spent on apps. This data, after all, is not surprising: a survey by Hootsuite says that, on average, our smartphones have 80 apps installed, used on average 2 hours a day.

It is therefore now natural to make use of mobile apps also for HR management, with the possibility of adapting work activity to every context, place and situation.

The mobile app for HR management

Being able to count on a mobile app for HR management means you can reach all company employees at any time, regardless of whether or not they are on site. This makes it possible, among other things, to make employees fully involved, a fundamental characteristic for increasing employee productivity and loyalty. But which are the main mobile apps for HR management? In the Zucchetti universe of apps for the HR world, there are those for the publication of documents for personnel, apps for the management of expense sheets, shift management, geolocated attendance time stamping, timesheet management, audit checklists, corporate fleet management and many other HR-related processes.

The advantages of mobile apps to make business processes more efficient

Using mobile apps for HR management has many benefits to the company. First of all, it should be emphasized that the apps are perfectly integrated with the accounting software, thus concretely increasing business process automation. It is estimated that by making effective use of mobile technologies, productivity can be increased by up to 15%. Thanks to these applications for smartphones and tablets, it is possible to quickly record hours worked on projects, consult time sheets at any time, read all communications and circulars, clock in and out using mobile devices, manage the company fleet and, of course, all the steps of the Business Travel process. All these activities can be carried out simply using a smartphone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an intuitive and immediate manner: the company has never been so close to its employees!