People in charge of personnel management and workspace management know this: desk reservation software and apps are nothing new. On the contrary, desk booking solutions have been around for years, and have long been exploited with satisfaction by many of those companies that decided to utilize smart working in an extensive way, before others, and well before the pandemic. However, since the lockdown, and therefore large-scale adoption of agile working, the use of desk booking apps has increased hyperbolically, confirming the effectiveness of these solutions not only for sharing workspaces in a dynamic and collaborative way, but also for ensuring the safety of employees.

Zurich and desk reservations

When companies do away with the fixed desk rule, in order to reap all the benefits of the transition to smart working, it is necessary to find appropriate solutions for workplace management. In fact, effective space management allows for reducing company costs, and for always guaranteeing the necessary desk for workers who go to the office. In the post-COVID world, however, there is one more reason for using workspace management software: these solutions make it possible to provide sufficient distance between workers every day. Take a look at the case of Zurich, for example. Starting on October 16th, the well-known insurance company has chosen to rely on an app developed by Zucchetti for booking and active monitoring of desks, as well as for booking parking spaces. The app is simple and intuitive to operate: the employee who wants to go to the office can book the desk via smartphone. Once at the office, he has to check in by scanning the appropriate QR Code on the desk; with the same procedure, when he leaves the office, he can quickly and easily do the check out. In this way the Italian branch of the company, which has more than 1,200 workers, will always be able to ensure the necessary distance between employees. As Federica Troya, head of HR and services at Zurich Italy, pointed out, “today it is essential to encourage those who want to return to do it in complete safety. Giving the opportunity to return to the office after several months of smart working will allow for striking the right balance between agile working and office work, facilitating new dynamics of socialization and conversation” (Source: Sole 24Ore).

The rush to find workspace management solutions

Zurich is not the only Italian company that has found a solution for effective and safe management of workspaces. On the contrary, the number of small and large companies that decide to equip themselves with desk reservation solutions that enable innovative management of work spaces but above all a safe return is increasing day by day.