“Starting again, but in complete safety”: this is the ‘refrain’ that is repeated since the end of lock down, and which continues to be fundamental even today. Companies are facing a slow and cautious return to normality, with the set goal of aiming for performance growth while ensuring the highest levels of safety in full compliance with the national security protocols created in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic. On the one hand, therefore, there are the familiar goals linked to company productivity; on the other hand there are the “new” goals relating to the containment of the Corona virus, starting with social distancing and individual protections. For this reason, as revealed by a survey conducted by Randstad NV, The Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup on over 1,000 Italian companies, 99% of the companies that resumed business after lock down have adopted Covid-19 security protocols, with almost half of the interviewees who opted for the adoption of a custom corporate protocol. However, it is not enough to adopt a protocol: it is necessary to train employees, provide them with protective equipment, reorganize work and continuously monitor the actual implementation of the new procedures to reduce risk exposure and to avoid heavy penalties. And all of this – again – without compromising business performance. To help companies in this difficult task, various digital systems have been introduced and optimized to ensure the worker distancing.

Workspace: worker distancing starts with correct space management

In recent years, increasingly better platforms have been developed to manage space within companies. The goals? Ensure the availability of the necessary working environments and tools for all employees, as well as foster an effective level of collaboration within a company. Supervisors and managers can book workstations, meeting rooms, classrooms and parking spaces safely and quickly through these software applications, eliminating errors and overlaps within the corporate calendar. As you can guess, these tools are doubly important now that all companies are obliged to comply with standards in terms of social distancing: from this point of view, space booking software such as the ZWorkspace solution make it possible to quickly and easily meet the protocols, limit the number of seats that can be booked, stagger the entrances and avoid gatherings, in order to guarantee social distancing in the company premises. Video analytics and wearable tag solutions

Video analysis solutions and wearable tags for social distancing in the company

Given the high danger of non-compliance with social distancing protocols, Zucchetti has developed two further solutions to manage company safety during the pandemic. Firstly, we are talking about a video analytics system for social distancing, and then about a video analysis solution which, by analyzing images in real time, signals any situations at risk. Zucchetti video analytics systems, it should be emphasized, were created to monitor exceptional events – such as an attempted intrusion into the company – and have been optimized to prove invaluable also in Covid prevention. Another solution to guarantee social distancing in the company is the wearable tag meaning a wearable device that, via UWB and BLE technologies, signals non-compliance with the social distancing with an acoustic alarm to avoid both infections and penalties.