Human resources are the first and most important company asset. Today, that seems obvious, even banal. But until a few years ago, that was not the case at all. Paradoxically, it has been new technology that has transformed this vision and allocation an increasingly central role to the Human Resources department. The digital revolution has emphasized the need to count on the permanent presence of professionals with innovative, advanced skills, who can learn something new each day so that they can carry out their own tasks in the best possible way. The next step must be to align the Human Resources department with company strategies, in order to pursue pre-established goals. To do this, it is essential to have a particularly effective internal communication, that can guarantee and encourage full involvement of staff, among other things.

Internal company communication for employee involvement
Internal company communication is an essential factor to improve relations among people, to make staff management and organization more efficient, to share know-how and to coordinate the various departments. When we talk of internal company communication, we usually distinguish between top-down communication and bottom-up communication. The former indicates the information flow from the company management directed towards the employees, while the latter indicates the opposite-direction flow that, without specific internal company communication tools, risks being particularly fragmented, inefficient and patchy. We must also remember that, in a company there must also horizontal communication, which leads to greater employee involvement. Thanks to this reciprocal communication, with the possibility for everyone to reprocess messages according to their own needs, it is actually possible to feel an active part of the company reality. The company that asks itself how to involve employees, therefore, should make sure it has the right tools to guarantee internal communication, aligning it with company values, so as to turn employees into the prime business supporter over time – actual brand ambassadors.

A mix of different tools are required for effective internal communication: ranging from an intranet to newsletters and social communities. A central part of all this is the HR Management portal, which aims to improve the Human Resource department’s efficacy.

The advantages of the HR Management portal
To be able to count on modern human resource management software is a great help to the HR Manager’s work, but that is not all. Employees also gain advantage from adopting this type of portal, which provide rapid access to all information that workers need, at any time and in any place, in order to ensure great involvement in company processes. All the precise, specific services such as payroll and attendance management, online publication of company communications, the provision of self-service services and so on can also be added to these advantages.