The year 2020 has revolutionized the way we work in many ways. Above all, personnel management has undergone a drastic transformation: think, for example, of all the changes brought by the introduction of smart working because of the COVID-19 outbreak. If, in fact, up until 2019 there were still relatively few companies that had adopted or experimented with agile working, from March onwards many companies have enabled remote working, with all the consequences that we know in terms of personnel management. There have been many changes: think of internal communication of company teams, the upheaval in the methods and purposes of shift management, the revolution in time and attendance control. But that’s not all there is to it, as 2020 has not only transformed employee management in terms of remote work. In fact, many innovations have taken place even for office work, with the need to completely revise the control of arrivals at the company, to implement techniques and to book car parking spaces, work spaces, access to the company canteen and so on. The best companies have been able to cope with all this, thanks to the high level of digital transformation they have achieved, and in particular, thanks to the use of ad hoc solutions for mobile working: it is therefore not surprising that HR management apps have been a particularly valuable tool since March 2020.

Digitizing processes through a personnel management app

For some time now, mobile technology has been essential to the growth of many companies. This strange and difficult year has further underscored how critical employee management apps and other business processes are to business continuity as well as to uninterrupted creation of value. In a scenario where work does not and will no longer have a fixed location – given the appreciation for agile working by companies and employees alike – relying on employee management apps becomes practically a requirement, so as to keep the relationship with employees alive and effective.

The benefits of a good employee app

Having an HR app actually means you can rely on a complete HR portal directly on your mobile device, and therefore on your smartphone and tablet. Employee apps are accessible from anywhere 7 days a week, 24 hours a day: the employee can therefore consult all the documents he needs, such as pay slips, vacation plans and news from the company, while the company can streamline personnel management processes and always be at the side of workers, in any situation.

The best HR apps can be customized to make communication between the company and employees more appropriate and more engaging. But that’s not all, as these mobile apps are designed to respond from time to time to the real needs of the company: think for example of how useful it can be, during these difficult months, to be able to count on an app for personnel management that allows employees to describe their state of health – through a quick questionnaire – before entering company premises, so as to allow the latter to eventually put in place all the necessary procedures.